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About Beauty decisions can be difficult whether you are talking makeup or plastic surgery. If you have specific needs, high standards, or unanswered questions, it is necessary to get accurate information and helpful to read personal experiences of those who have been in your shoes. The last thing you want is to end up upset, disappointed, and out of money. We aim to be one of the best online beauty resources. We will provide honest information that hopefully will help you make important decisions in your own life. We look forward to joining you on your journey to looking your best.
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Workplace Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

office work wearWhatever your office rules are when it comes to work wear, always maintain a certain level of professionalism. The old saying “Never judge a book by its cover” does not always hold true especially when your image also upholds your company’s. Corporate Office Interiors shares the do’s and don’ts that every woman should be wise to remember before donning an offending article of clothing. (more…)

2014 Summer Hairstyles

Battle the summer heat with a light and breezy hairstyle without all the fuss. In other words, look good and in fashion without having to spend too much time in front of the mirror. Look for the right style that frames your head shape best, and go for light colors for that sun-kissed hair effect! (more…)

5 Fave Radiant Orchid Beauty Products

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014 is radiant orchid, and if you aren’t coloring us in this delightful purple tone than you can color us obsessed. If you’re always looking for ways to get orchid into your life (and if you aren’t, you should be) read on for the best beauty products in this trendy shade.

1. Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss Boost & Lipstick Liv Duo

This is the perfect day-to-night look for orchid, with a soft lipstick appropriate for the workplace or errands and a high-intensity gloss that amps up the effect for a night out.

$20.70 at ASOS


Sun Safety Tips for Summer 2014

After a winter of polar vortexes and record snowfall for millions of Americans, who isn’t ready to start a little summer dreaming? Even though we can’t wait to bask in the sunlight, sun safety is just as important this summer as any other.

Use Sunscreen

This tip seems simple enough, but plenty of people still skip it. Grab a sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater (make sure to grab a water-resistant formula for a day at the pool!) and use generously. Just once isn’t enough, so make sure to reapply every two hours. (more…)

Valentines Day Beauty Tips

24534779-beauty-sexy-lips-with-heart-shape-paint-valentines-dayAh, February. Despite the chilly temperatures outside, you can’t help but feel the warmth of love as Valentine’s Day approaches. Whether you’re spending the day with a loved one or still searching for your V-Day date, these tips will help to make sure you are fresh faced and beautiful for whatever Cupid has in store.


Bold color draws the eye to your smoochable lips, but goopy lipstick can make the actual kiss a bit messy. Instead, prime lips with a moisturizing balm, and apply a lip stain to create lasting color that won’t come off on napkins, glasses, or your date. A cream based lip stain crayon goes on smoothly and won’t dry out your lips as the night goes on. Be sure to stock your stain and some balm in your bag for reapplication. (more…)

Best Spas in the United States

RelaxThe holidays can be a very hectic time. People are busy going here and there for family gatherings, work parties, and lots of shopping of course! After the stress of the holidays, it is important to spend some time resting and relaxing and what better place for a little R&R than the spa? Here are the top 5 spas around the United States that will make you feel good-as-new after the holidays:

Belladonna Day Spa – New Orleans

Belladonna Day Spa offers a variety of facials, massages, and more; all at very reasonable prices. Additionally, if you want to do a little retail therapy, they have you covered as well!


Thanksgiving: A Perfect Day for Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing a wedding date, couples immediately think of spring because it symbolizes birth—the time when flowers bloom and animals are born. But there are many practical reasons why a wedding in autumn—or more specifically, on Thanksgiving Day—is a more favorable choice. Let’s take a closer look on the many benefits of timing your wedding on this holiday. (more…)

Casual Elegance: 3 New Trends in Wedding Beauty

Your wedding is your day to shine, and there’s no better way to do that than with radiant skin, flawless hair, and a smile that lights up the room. Even if your wedding is a more casual affair, you can still achieve elegance with the latest in wedding beauty trends.

Floral Beauty








This trend borrows the elegant pastel colors of early spring for a fresh-faced, rosy glow. It can be achieved simply with a rosy pink blush or lip, and a flower tucked in your hair.

Perfect for: outdoor weddings, garden weddings, spring weddings (more…)

Hey There Pretty Eyes: Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Huge

All my life I have been cursed with small little brown eyes, which squint up when I smile and become almost horizontal once I’ve got a beer in me. My sister, on the other hand, is blessed with giant green eyes that offer the perfect eyelid canvas for smokey eye shadow and every other beauty trend in the book. Luckily, if you’ve got a basic set of makeup and relatively good fine motor skills you can make your eyes look huge with the flick of a makeup brush. There are plenty of products that claim to give you those big doll eyes, but what I’ve found works best are a few simple little tricks. Try them out and pretty soon you will fool everyone into thinking you’re Bambi.


5 Worst Ingredients for Your Hair

Hair DryerEveryone who cares for their locks should start checking the ingredients in their hair products. Shampoos may give your crowning glory that perfume whiff, but behind that nice-smelling concoction is an awful lot of ingredients that should have been banned in the first place. So grab your shampoo and conditioner bottles from the bathroom and start looking for these ingredients! If they are found guilty of these offensive ingredients, it’s time to toss them out!

 1. Mineral Oil

WHY IT’S BAD: First of all, some oil ingredients like olive, Argan, and jojoba are good for your hair. However, mineral oil is not because of its molecules that are too big to penetrate the cuticle; therefore, they just sit on the surface of the hair and weigh it down. The molecules can also cause clogged pores and breakouts around your hairline. Mineral oil is derived from the distillation of petroleum and is used as a cheap filler, which does nothing but expand a product.

IT’S FOUND IN: serums, conditioners, moisturizing creams, pomades


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